Friday, April 17, 2009

Blue Spring Flowers

This is my first post on this blog.
In the future it will become my teaching and tutorial blog. I plan to provide patterns and instructions for some quilts that I will design myself. Come join me in this fibre journey.
I will also post about the occasional plant that interests me. This will be more a way of keeping track of what is growing in my garden or in my home, than anything else. I hope to keep a sort of gardening diary in addition to the quilting tutorials.

So here is the first plant.
My sister was wondering what those lovely blue flowers are that are blooming everywhere - in gardens, lawns, hillsides and parks in our city at this time of the year. I believe the plant she is referring to is called Scilla siberica
Scilla siberica is a perennial and belongs to the lily family. It is native to Siberia and likes cool conditions. That's why they do so well in our climate. It grows from a small bulb, which can be planted in the fall and left in the ground to continue to come up year after year. It can also be lifted in the spring and transplanted. They are very hardy and do wonderfully when planted in a lawn. The common name for this plant is Wood Squill or Spring Beauty, but it is more often called by its scientific name of Scilla siberica.
This photo is from the internet.
And below are some Scilla siberica that are growing in my front lawn rght at the moment. I took this photo this morning. A few years ago I discovered these beautiful blue flowers growing in a local ravine. They were beginning to grow into the path and looked like they were being stepped on. I dug some up and planted them on my front lawn. They looked a bit sad during that first spring, but they established themselves nicely and keep coming up faithfully every spring. They multiply rapidly and mine are beginning to cover a good part of the front lawn. By early summer they die down and have no detrimental effect on the lawn. I love the colour blue, especially when it comes to flowers. So these are some of my favourites. I also love the fact that they are one of the earliest flowers in spring.

Family: Lilium. Genus: Scilla. Species: S. sibericaCommon name: Squill, Wood Squill, Spring Beauty

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  1. I have very many of those little blue flowers. I just love them. And, yes, every year more of them.
    I also have more little flowers of which I don't know the names.They are the same kind as the blue ones but in a light purple colour. I also have light blue flowers which look a little like very small hyacints. And now the real hyacinths are blooming followed by the tulips and narcissus.
    I like this blog.
    Keep it up.