Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am going to continue my blue journey through the garden. The plant I am going to show you is called Pulmonaria.

Family: Boraginaceae. Genus: Pulmonaria. Species: Pulmonaria officinalis
Common name: Lungwort

This plant gets its name from the Latin word 'pulmo' or lung. The common name of this plant is Lungwort. The spotted leaves of the plant reminded early healers of a diseased lung and Pulmonaria was originally used to treat pulmonary infections. Pulmonaria is a herbaceous perennial. It prefers a partly shaded spot in the garden. It is one of the earliest blooming perennials. This is what it looks like in my garden. It is so nice to see this pretty colour so early in the season.

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  1. I love Pulmonaria. I tried growing it once but unfortunately it did not take. I think I may try it again.