Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blossom Time

Spring means blossom time in my garden. I don't have much space, but I do have enough room for an apple tree, a sour cherry tree and a peach tree.

The blossoms on the cherry tree were just bursting about a month ago.

And this was the cherry tree about three weeks ago. It was loaded with beautiful white blossoms. The blossoms are now gone, but the cherries will be ripe in July. I will harvest them at that time and make sour cherry jam!

My peach tree was in full bloom a week or so ago. The peaches from this tree are absolutely delicious! That is, if I can get to them before the squirrels do. It is always a race to see who gets them first. Usually I lose!

This is how my apple tree looked today. I sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and the occasional whiff of apple blossom when the wind blew their wonderful scent in my direction. Heavenly! This tree has five different varieties of apple on it. I bought it because I thought that was interesting. I have never sprayed my trees and the apples from this one are usually already inhabited by wormy things before they are ripe. I have yet to eat one of them without first cutting it into quarters in order to evict the tenants,

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