Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bleeding Hearts - Dicentra Spectabilis

I mustn't forget to post my Bleeding Hearts. These lovely plants have been blooming for weeks and they don't seem to want to stop anytime soon. I have a lovely pink one that has been divided many times. Bleeding Hearts are easy to divide in early spring. My plant's clones are growing in many gardens around these parts!

These plants are native to Japan, but they do very well in our climate. They love a shady spot in the garden and they are perennial. Their deeply divided, fern-like leaves stay on the plant long after the flowers die back. The flowers are heart-shaped, hence the name, Bleeding Hearts.

Family: Fumairiaceae. Genus: Dicentra. Species: D. spectabilis.
Common Name: Bleeding Hearts

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  1. I want bleeding hearts here in my yard. I ordered two of them last year from one of the nurseries. It was an extraordinarily wet spring and they didn't make it. I love the look of them, so beautifully delicate. And the poppies in your previous post were just gorgeous.