Monday, June 1, 2009

Colour in My Garden?

My garden is very green right now. Most of the flowering bulbs and early spring flowers have come and gone. I neglected to show you my violets. In late April, my whole garden was covered in these wonderful herbaceous perennial purple violets! The flowers are edible. My DD picked them and made candied violets for a cheese cake she made for a staff function. I wish I had a photo of the cake. It was breathtaking!

I have no idea which species of viola I have in my garden. They have all been there for such a long time that their name tags are long gone. I also have some white violets. I love these!

And then there is this large clump of speckled violets. They are light blue with darker speckles.

Family: Violaceae. Genus: Viola.

Common Names: Violets, Common Violet.

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  1. I love the greens. They are so vibrant. God does so good!!!

    Good photos. Thank you, Hetty, for sharing.