Thursday, June 11, 2009

Block #5 of A Tale of Two Cities

Are you ready Keiko? Here is block #5 in the Yokohama/Toronto wall hanging. It is pretty straight forward, I think.

First cut a piece of background fabric about 7 inches by 10 inches. This will later be cut down to measure 6 1/2" X 9 1/2". The finished block will measure 6in. X 9in.

Then trace the pattern pieces onto the paper side of the freezer paper, cut them out and iron them onto your desired fabrics. Then cut out the fabric leaving a seam allowance of 1/4 inch around the pattern.

Baste each piece. Leave the stem piece open at each end. (Baste only along the sides.) Leave the flower pot bottom piece open at the top. (Baste only on three sides.) Now pin your pieces onto your background fabric as in the picture. The flower pot bottom piece should be placed behind the top of the pot. The stem should be placed behind the top of the pot and the tulip. Hope this makes sense. If you have any questions, email me.

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